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Eclipse Screen Capture Kit
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Sirchie Finger Print Laboratories is a fully integrated manufacturer of quality products for the worldwide law enforcement community. From innovative ideas originated and designed in our engineering department, precision products are fabricated and assembled in our state-of-the-art-manufacturing complex. Computer aided machinery assures the quality expected from a demanding forensic community. Our FDA certified clean room is responsible for the assembly of thousands of evidence collection kits supplied to a variety of state and federal agencies. Conscientious and dedicated employees perform in pristine work environments to maintain SIRCHIE'S Good Manufacturing Quality Standard.

Whether it is a jar of latent fingerprint powder, a Reflected Ultra Violet Imager System or a fully equipped mobile crime laboratory, Sirchie is committed to providing the law enforcement community with the tools required to fight crime. On this website Sirchie proudly illustrates over 1800 products specifically designed, manufactured and assembled to assist skilled professionals accomplish this task.